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Dedicated and Efficient Upholstery Services


Since our business opened its doors over thirty years ago, we have become industry leaders in the commercial and personal upholstery business. A diligent focus on consumer satisfaction has allowed us to build our client base by generating business through referrals from fulfilled customers. Our top-quality upholstery repair and replacement service, coupled with a competitive pricing model, has allowed us to on a wide variety of projects.


It is important to choose professionals who are not only experienced, but committed to constantly growing in knowledge and skill. We stay up to date on current technology, methods, and trends, allowing us to perform work to the highest standard of excellence. From flawlessly developing sails for recreational boats, to increasing efficiency in reupholstering luxury automobiles, we are dedicated to providing you with top of the line service.


At Premiere Custom Upholstery, we are committed to furnishing you with well-rounded service, a philosophy which has helped us gain experience in several niche markets. These areas of concentration include the hospitality industry and the medical field. The proper upholstery can transform a waiting room into an area of comfort, and shift the atmosphere of a restaurant to the desired ambience. We use our expertise in these fields to help your business flourish and your customers stay comfortable.


Often, our clients require upholstering services as a result of damage due to accidents, weather, or other extenuating circumstances. We are experienced in providing services pursuant to insurance claims, making the process hassle-free through efficient, quality workmanship. As a company of good repute, we have worked with a variety of different insurance agencies and are equipped to handle any of your requests, whether they are for your personal vehicle or business seating arrangements.


Efficient upholstering from a company you can trust.

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