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We’ve Got All Your Upholstery Needs Covered

Commercial or personal – we are your one-stop solution for seating and more…

High-Quality Custom Upholstery Services in Southern Ontario

Providing Southern Ontario with custom upholstery services, we have been a leader in design and innovation since 1985. We offer local businesses and homeowners the opportunity to personalize their items with the best-suited material and optimal fit. Focused on quality workmanship, we ensure that all projects are completed to the highest standard of excellence – and it shows. 


We are committed to providing the highest quality workmanship using premium materials for fair value. Customer service is our top priority; we are not happy until you are completely satisfied. Due to these principles, Premiere Custom Upholstery is a company built on referrals and repeat business. 

Upholstery needs vary based on several factors, so it is important to reach out to the experts to guarantee that your work is completed to a superior degree of both function and aesthetics. Premiere Custom Upholstery is a full-service location, capable of restoring all parts of your items, from in-house cabinetry services to material arrangement.


Trust our high-quality, reliable service to return your item to its former glory.


Offering full-service automotive refurbishing, we feature numerous amenities to help restore your vehicle to its former glory. From repairing and replacing automotive upholstery to simply refitting the material on your seats, Premier Custom Upholstery is experienced in handling everything from tried and true autos to luxury vehicles.


Embracing the unique style and structure of each water vessel, we provide quality marine services that vary from reupholstering the seating in your boat, to entirely refurbishing the cabinetry of luxury crafts. Whether you are pursuing services as a result of personal interest or an insurance claim, we are ready to accommodate your specific needs.


Specializing in restaurant work, we offer top-quality commercial services to a range of businesses, in the hospitality arena. specializing in restaurant work. We help you modernize your shop with chic seating and cabinetry, personalized to reflect the culture of your specific business.


From dentists to massage therapy clinics, seating is essential to creating a comfortable environment for patients. Whether you are refinishing the chairs in your waiting room, or looking to modernize your physiotherapy table, we are ready to assist with high-quality upholstery services.


Shape the atmosphere of your eatery with ideally fitting chairs and benches.


Help your patients relax with comfortable, up-to-date seating.

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